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In the summer of 2020, LaunchPadX began developing an electricity-free, easy-use misting system for our Lowe’s partners. Within one year, we’d created a full line-up of Project Source misting products. By spring of 2021, our Project Source misting line hit Lowe’s stores nationwide. Our LaunchPadX in-house team designed, developed, and distributed Rotoplumber to our top retail partners around the country. This led to skyrocketing sales and astronomical levels of brand awareness for LaunchPadX and Rotoplumber. The Kliin brand had an innovative, industry-leading concept in the manufacturing and production sphere—but they needed a launch plan to reach their full potential. And that’s where we came in.With LaunchPadX’s exclusive expertise, strategic solutions, and industry connections, we connected Kliin with one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers—Lowe’s—and boosted their brand to new heights.

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